Small Water Angler Team

                       Small Water Angler Teams

  2019 Rules
  • All Georgia fishing and boating regulations will be followed at all times
  • *Only electric motors will be allowed (No gas motors allowed at any event)
  • No caught fish may be held on a stringer during any event
  • All boats must be equipped with means to properly sustain a "limit" of fish. Aerated coolers of adequate size are permitted
  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed during events hours
  • All teams must CHECK IN and OUT at stated times to compete in events. Any boat late for weigh-in will be penalized .5lbs/minute late.  All disputes will be decided by the Event Director/President and are final
  • Same day (Starting at 6am) OFF LIMITS for Night Events
  • Live wells & coolers will be checked, before each event begins
  • Artificial baits only
  • There is a five (5) fish limit with a 12 inch minimum size limit (except @ Rocky Mountain=14”) per team. Fish will be measured with Golden Rule; mouth and tail closed. Short fish penalty will be .5 lb and will be deducted from total weight and short fish will not be weighed.  All decisions by the Event Director/ President are final.
  • All yearly participants must sign a current copy of the rule sheet for club records before participating
  • Individual events are based purely on the most weight caught. Dead fish brought to the scale will result in .5lb/dead fish and deducted from the total anglers weight. We promote Catch and Release of Live fish. Dead fish may be culled but MUST NOT be released.
  • A $50.00 yearly membership fee is required by each team (Not per angler). Yearly membership fees are due at the time an angler or team participates in their first event of the season.  After membership is paid for a team, then substitutes can be used for the captain or partner as long as one of the original team members is present.  Teams may substitute as many times as needed during the year
  • All Membership fees, minus any yearly maintenance costs, will go toward end of season Classic to be fished by the top 6 teams (*IF SWAT has less than 12 members then ALL paid members if eligible can participate in the Classic) in points unless they have missed more than 3 events. Teams 7th and 8th in points may be eligible as a wild card for participation. No substitutes allowed
  • Points: Points per place will be as follows: 1st=10pts / 2nd=9pts / 3rd=8pts / 4th=7pts / 5th=6pts / 6th=5pts / 7th=4pts / 8th=3pts / 9th=2pts / 10th=1pt. Big Fish for each event will receive 2 points. In the event of a tie between 1st-10th place, the next place skips points (ie: 10, 9, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2…).
  • If team(s) zero(s) within the top 10 the team(s) will only receive participation points.
  • Each event there will be one (1) point awarded for participation.
  • Event Entry Fees (Per Team): $50.00 entry fee (Big Fish $5.00 is included).
  • The payback schedule will be 100% payback and based on the amount of anglers per event and total weight
  • Events may be declared canceled due to bad weather by Event Director/President
  • The Classic lake will be determined the night before the event by random drawing in the presence of (+2) witnesses. The preceding Classic will not be entered for drawing.
  • All anglers are responsible for carrying proper liability insurance, if desired. Small Water Angler Teams will in no way be held responsible for actions resulting in damage or injury while an angler is in route or participating in one of our events
  • All teams are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Any team who violates these standards of conduct will be subject to disqualification upon the event director’s discretion.
  • All lake entry/parking/fishing, etc. fees are the responsibility of the participating anglers and are not included in regular event fees
  • All disputes will be decided by the Event President and are final
 New Elco National Championship Tie Breaker Rule
If team(s) weights are tied the first tie breaker will go to the team that has the most fish. If teams have same amount of fish the advancement will go to the team with the largest weight bass.